History of Sonata Music Society

The Sonata Music Society (AKA, Sonata Club) is the oldest music organization in the Mid-Cities, organized in 1958.

The organization was began with Dorothy Linneberry and Mrs. Spears. They wanted to do something in the community to stimulate interest in good, quality music and encourage the study of music by members and students. The ladies visited local high schools to ask what was needed to help their music programs.

Other members of the community joined their cause and soon 16 members gathered start the Sonata Music Club.  The group consisted of piano teachers, music instructors and other music lovers that wanted to learn about and listen to good music. 

The newly formed club reached out to the Fort Worth Star Telegram and local Mid-Cities newspaper for publicity.  The group also became a member of the new Arts Council of Tarrant County and Mid-Cities. 

The Sonata Club began its support of youth by associations with the Greater Fort Worth Youth Orchestra and sponsored a Young Musicians Club. They also worked with HEB school music departments providing competition activities. 

The organization remained a part of the Fort Worth Octoberfest for many years.  Locally, the club connected with the Mid-Cities Piano Teachers annual Youth Music Competition.  

In 2018, the Sonata Club changed its name to the Sonata Music Society to better reflect our focus on music. We continue to sponsor and operate the Youth Piano Duet Festival held each February.  We are also currently providing music Scholarships to students at Tarrant County College NE in support of instrumental ensembles.

The Sonata Music Society is still strong and growing after 60 years.

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60 Years of Music

The Sonata Music Society (AKA, Sonata Club) is the oldest music organization in the Mid-Cities, TX area.  It was founded in 1958 with just six members.  In 2018, we are celebrating 60 years!

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